The Whisper Of Love


It had been less than a week since my best friend, my “heart dog,” had passed away. The tears would not stop flowing, the pain was unbearable and sleep was impossible. I stumbled to the kitchen. There on the table, was an envelope. On it was written one word. “Mom.” 

“ This Rainbow Bridge is a neat place Mom. Because of the close bond we shared, all of your other furry angels have chosen me to write to you. Yes, Mom. Everyone is here; Skippy, Wrangler, Crystal, Cimmaron, Luki, Trooper, Merribuck, Sunshine, even Chipper flies by every day. We run and play together and have so much fun!  

Remember how I was blind and couldn't see you? I can see you now Mom! I see the love in your eyes. I also see your tears. How I wish I were there to lick them away. 

The people who come here are so thrilled when their pets run to them. The humans stay long enough to touch each one of us, tell us that our people will come someday and that we will experience the same joy as their pets do now. These people say you still cry, but that’s ok. It is a true testament to the love we shared. 

You took such good care of me; you loved me more than anyone else ever could. But you knew when it was time for me to go, Mom. You loved me so much that you set me free…free to exist in this wonderful place where there is no pain and I am healthy and complete.  

You were there when I needed you most: at the very end. I could feel your tears on my fur, your hand gently touching my head, your arms wrapped tightly around me. I wanted to say ‘Don’t cry Mommy. It’s ok now.’ Your ultimate gift was the resting of your head on mine as I took my last breath. That was pure love Mom.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel the warmth of your breath in my ear, telling me how much you loved me and that you would always be with me. You were right Mom. You are with me and I am with you. Even though you can't see me, know that I walk beside you every day.

I see you cry when you see others with their pets. But guess what Mom? You won't be alone for long. Your new fur child is coming! And I will be the lucky one to choose him or her for you!

I'll be sending you a new friend to love. Inside their heart, I will place my love so that part of me will be with you once again. I don't know what shape or form I will choose yet, but it will be my gift to you. I know you will give the love you had for me, back to another.

I like it here Mom; there is green grass everywhere. I see the sunshine instead of feeling it. I gaze at the flowers and trees instead of smelling them, watch the birds soaring above instead of just hearing them. And I am able to run again! I can run free!!  I'm as happy as I possibly can be without you here. On the day you arrive, I will know true happiness.

I will wait for you Mom. I promise. One day, we will all cross the bridge together. I miss you Mommy. I love you. We all do”

I placed the letter next to the ashes of my best friend and looked down by my side. A faint whisper of love rose up and touched my cheek. In the mirror, I saw one single dog hair clinging to a tear, and I knew. I closed my eyes and could see that beautiful face, body whole, tail wagging.

The letter was gone when I opened my eyes and so was the lone hair.

The whisper of love remained.


Arlene R. O'Neil

© August 15, 2006


Writing is what lights me up. To create a story from a word, phrase or thought, is my passion. To "touch" a reader through tears or laughter, my reward.


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